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Have those pesky mosquitoes taken over your yard and patio? Can’t enjoy your outdoor spaces without suffering from itching and unsightly welts? Let Covenant Pest Control set you up with a mosquito control system that will eliminate these annoying bugs.

We design custom mosquito control systems to protect your favorite outdoor family space from invasive, pesky mosquitoes. If you are sick and tired of retreating indoors, scratching our skin off, and caring for welts, then let us do a free consultation on how we can protect your family from these pests.

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Features & Benefits


Help protect your family from mosquito borne diseases like Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis andt he new ZIKA.

The all-inclusive Cube Residential is only 26 inches cubed – just over 2 feet – and still 55 gallons.  The small footprint and innovative design will make your misting system the envy of the neighborhood.  Say NO to an ugly tank in your yard!

The Cube Residential 30 Nozzle Kit comes with everything you need for a complete backyard system.  Easily installs in an afternoon, no special tools required.  This Cube Residential 30 Nozzle Kit includes a long range remote control, 30 45° nozzles, nickel/brass fittings, 300 clamps with screws, 450 ft. of nylon tubing – black or white, an easy to follow installation manual, and FREE misting concentrate.

Eradicate mosquitoes, flies, spiders and other nuisance insects from your yard for good!

The 30 Nozzle Cube Residential Kit is the perfect set up for most yards. Rid your yard of mosquitoes, spiders, no-see-ums and other annoying insects for good! The Cube Residential can easily mist up to 40 nozzles on 600 feet of tubing.

All mosquito misting systems are not created the same.
To ensure a consistent blend of insecticide in each mist, the system must have an agitator. Otherwise the insecticide will separate in the tank. Only a professionally engineered controller has an agitator.  An anti-siphon valve will stop the misting concentrate from emptying if the tubing gets cut by a squirrel or weed whacker. An in-line nozzle circuit filter helps keep sediment from the water supply from entering the nozzle circuit and clogging the nozzles.  Additionally, to protect the longevity of the components, they should be housed in a protective enclosure, not just placed on top of the tank!

With the Cube Residential everything is conveniently and safely located under the protective lid.
Our exterior low level light illuminates to let you know when it’s time to refill the Cube before you run out and the mosquitoes come back.  Finally, enjoy your Cube Residential even more with a remote control.  It’s a must have for misting in between scheduled mist cycles!

Our nozzles are the only nozzles available with cleanable mesh filters. Sometimes sediment in the water will clog nozzles over time.  Our nozzles do not require to you to purchase replacement filters.  Simply rinse the mesh filter and replace.  It couldn’t be easier!

EXPANDABILITY – system can mist up to 40 nozzles on 600 feet of tubing. Ask about the Cube PRO series for systems with up to 80 nozzles.

POWER – Plug it in and forget about it or attach it to the optional solar panel and run your mosquito misting system with the power of the sun. Add an optional Solar Panel to the Cube Residential system and take advantage of the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. That’s right take a 30% tax credit (not just deduction) on the entire purchase price of your system – just for going solar! See more information here Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit and consult your tax professional for details.

Product Details



  • custom designed 26 inch, 55 gallon, all-inclusive Cube tank
  • professionally engineered programmable controller – up to 17 daily mist cycles with programmable agitation and mist durations
  • remote control, long range
  • agitator to ensure a consistent blend of misting solution in every mist
  • anti-siphon valve to keep misting solution from draining out of the tank in the event the tubing gets cut
  • exterior low fluid light lets you know when it’s time to refill the system before it runs out
  • in-line nozzle circuit filter to help keep sediment from entering the nozzle circuit and clogging the nozzles
  • state of the art technology, can run up to 2 weeks or 30 mist cycles on stored power
  • 200 psi pump can easily mist up to 40 nozzles on 600 feet of tubing
  • pressure valve to maintain a constant pressure across the nozzle circuit
  • can utilize optional solar panel and take advantage of the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit


  • 30 45° nozzles
  • 36 union tees
  • 6 plugs
  • 300 clamps with screws
  • 450 feet of tubing – black or white
  • tube cutter