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The most efficient, economical, common sense approach to overall pest management. Rather than simply treating a household over and over again with chemicals, Covenant Pest Control combines their years of experience and knowledge, with their commitment to professionalism to create a long term plan that takes into account every aspect of your household environment. From sealing cracks and other animal entry points, to removing unnecessary food and water sources, to necessary chemical treatments, integrated pest management is the best approach to pest control for your home and family. We begin with comprehensive, and ongoing inspection services. We then engage in preventative measures including site improvements such as sealing cracks, removing food and water sources, and suggesting landscape improvements that encourage plant growth and discourage pests. We continually monitor and report on pest activity, and when necessary, use chemical treatments to aid in our overall goal.

What Sets Covenant Apart?

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Experienced Employees

Our trained and licensed pest control technicians will use proven techniques to ensure a safe and effective elimination of your pest problem.

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Expert Termite Control

If you even think you might have a termite problem, Covenant Pest Control is the only termite control company to call.

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Comprehensive Lawn Care

Our lawn care program is designed to afford you, your children and your pets the opportunity to enjoy your yard without the threat of ants, fleas, scorpions, mosquitoes, and other yard infesting insects.

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