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Lawn Pest Control Services from Covenant Pest Control Helps Keep Your Lawn Safe


Whether you’re concerned about your children’s safety while playing in the yard or you simply want to have the best-looking lawn on the street, Covenant Pest Control is the lawn pest control service company to call.


With the warm and humid Texas weather we have in Boerne and the Hill Country, insects have a prime living environment.  While many of the insects in our yards are harmless, and a few may even be fun to watch, many can make using our yards unpleasant or even dangerous.  Fortunately, with lawn pest management, Covenant Pest Control can help you regain control of your yard.


Targeted Lawn Pests

Our lawn pest control experts understand the life cycle of common yard pests.

  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Chiggers
  • Grub worms
  • Chinch bugs
  • And other lawn nuisances


And we use that knowledge to create a pest control plan that will take care of the specific insect concerns in your lawn.


The pesticides that control ants are not the same as those needed for chiggers.  Nor are the products that inhibit grub worms the same as those needed for fleas.  Each customer and each lawn need a customized lawn pest control treatment plan.


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We’re locally owned and dispatch out of our office at 39340 Interstate 10 West, Unit B in Boerne, TX. We’re proud to provide the best pest control service options for the folks of Boerne and the surrounding Texas Hill Country!

Boerne,  Comfort,  Leon Springs 

and many more locations!


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Customized Lawn Pest Control Plans

You can add lawn services on to your home’s integrated pest management or mosquito control service or simply use our lawn services by themselves.  Either way, we’ll provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for lawn pest control.


First, you’ll receive a free yard inspection.  We’ll look for signs of insect problems and locate the source of breeding or feeding grounds.


Next, we’ll listen to your pest management goals. 


Finally, we’ll recommend a customized a lawn treatment plan to eliminate the pests that are bugging you.


Have Bigger Lawn Pests?

Do you have armadillos and skunks digging up your lawn and making a mess of your yard?  Often the holes left by these destructive critters are a sign of insect problems in your yard. Grub worms mean dinner and these pesky varmints will go to great lengths to dig them up. 


Eliminate the grub worms and these nocturnal creatures will head elsewhere for their meals.

Are Your Pets Suffering from Unwanted Yard Pests?

Do you have pets that are suffering from fleas?  You’ll need a specialized flea treatment.  Solving the problem is usually a simple 1-2-3 process.


  1. Covenant Pest Control will treat your lawn with a flea treatment that kills adult fleas and prevents larva from developing.
  2. Then we’ll be back in 5-6 days to perform a second flea treatment the second hatching.
  3. After that, your yard will be protected from fleas for 60 days. Guaranteed.


But rest assured, if you have additional flea problems before the 60 days is over, we’ll return to retreat your lawn FREE OF CHARGE.


Contact Covenant Pest Control

If you’re ready to get your yard back from pesky and painful bugs, call the lawn treatment experts at Covenant Pest Control for your FREE customized quote.  We’re here to help you enjoy your yard again.  830-431-1960.

Common Texas Yard Pests

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Fire Ants

These pesky little pests can cause painful bites and often strike inquisitive pets or playing children who aren’t paying attention.  And fire ants can be difficult to get rid of without professional help since they simply more their colony from one place to another.

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Fleas & Ticks

These annoying pests affect outside pets with itchy bites. They can then be introduced to the inside of your home when pets come inside.  In addition, these insects can carry diseases including tick fever and Lyme disease.

white line icon of chigger


Very small, annoying pests that are difficult to spot.  They cause itchy bites that can become infected when scratched.

white icon of grub worm


These fat, whitish gray worms are the larval or immature state of the June beetle, also called the June bug.  They destroy plant root systems and provide a rewarding meal to armadillos and skunks that dig in your yard.

white line icon of cinch bug

Chinch Bugs

These tiny bugs damage turf-grass by injecting salivary fluid into crowns and stems and sucking out plant fluids.  Yellow patches of grass may indicate chinch bugs in your yard.

mug of cold apple cider

With the Bugs Under Control You Can Enjoy These 5 Party Ideas for Spending Time Outside on Your Deck.

  1. Apple Cider Bash
  2. Hot Chocolate Bar
  3. Chili Cookoff
  4. Outdoor Movie Night
  5. Fall Fling for the Kiddos

Check out our blog post for details.

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