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Did you know that Texas has the highest concentration of termites in the country? Our high humidity and moisture expose your home to a high risk of termite infestation.


Termites are a major problem in the Texas Hill Country. In fact, damage caused by termites costs Texas homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars each year. It’s no wonder the sight of termites in or around your home is cause for panic.


Protect your home with a thorough termite inspection from Covenant Pest Control today.  Our pest control technicians have worked in Boerne and the Texas Hill Country for many years and are able to quickly spot the signs of termites in and around your home.


Termites are a serious threat to your property. Don’t delay!

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Without proper termite treatment by a professional pest control technician, your home or business is at risk of serious damage.

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debris on a window ledge from termites indicating a need for a termite inspection

Best Termite Inspections


A licensed technician will complete a thorough inspection of your home and property. Then we’ll give you a detailed evaluation of our findings.


You can count on us for an honest assessment and upfront pricing if your home needs termite treatments. We’ll create a customized termite treatment plan that meets the needs in your home.

While termite treatments aren’t included in our integrated pest control plan, just ask us to perform an inspection while we’re there if you have any concerns.  We’ll inspect the usual suspect areas as well as specific areas that concern you.


If you find that termite treatments are needed, we’ll work with you to create an effective treatment plan and put prevention measures in place to protect your home from future infestations.


And our termite treatments come with a one- to five-year warranty depending on the services your choose for your home.

What kind of termites do we have in Texas?


In Boerne and the surrounding Hill Country, we have both Drywood Termites and Subterranean Termites. These termites live inside your walls or in the ground around your home feeding on your wood framing.


Termites can damage your home without you even knowing it. They eat away at the wood inside your walls, siding, or wood trim, out of sight, causing serious damage to your home’s structure.

a close up image of a termite

Signs of a Termite Infestation


Our expert termite inspectors will look for the following signs of a termite infestation:

  • Fecal pellets resembling black pepper on windowsills or near lights
  • Atales or winged insects swarming around your home
  • Discarded wings on windowsills or in spider webs
  • Kick holes or pinholes in baseboards or drywall
  • Mud tunnels or tubes along your foundation, steps, patio, siding, or on walls and ceilings inside your home
  • Rotted wood without evidence of water damage
  • Sagging floors and ceilings
  • Tapping or clicking noises coming from inside your walls
  • Hollow-sounding walls when tapped
  • Excessively squeaky floorboards
  • Peeling paint or discolored drywall

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mud tunnels on the exterior or interior of your home can indicate subterranean termites
cabinets eaten away by termites show a need for termite inspection and treatment
a hand pointing out the damage termites did to a baseboard that indicates the need for a termite inspection

The most obvious sign of a termite problem is spotting the actual termites. Termites look like small, white ants with or without wings.


If you spot any of these signs indicating a possible termite infestation, call Covenant for a professional termite inspection.

What does a termite inspection include?


One of our licensed termite inspectors will complete a thorough inspection from your attic to your foundation. We’ll examine closets, inside cabinets, and other areas where termite activity is typically found. We’ll inspect your yard, around the outside of your home, porches, and decks.


We’ll inspect closely for all possible signs of termite activity and identify the type of termite.


When we find a problem, we’ll recommend a customized treatment plan to eradicate the termites as quickly as possible.

How often is a termite inspection recommended?


Prevention is the best tool against termite infestations. Like other pest control professionals, Covenant Pest Control recommends a yearly termite inspection by a trained professional as part of your integrated pest control plan.


Call us at 830-431-1960 to schedule your termite inspection today! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

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