How to Prevent Ants At Your Picnic on Boerne Lake


It’s a beautiful day for a picnic at Boerne Lake. The sun is shining. You packed a delicious picnic lunch. Found the perfect picnic spot near the lake. Started setting out your tablecloth or picnic blanket and unpacking your picnic basket. You can’t wait to dig into your favorite sub sandwiches, watermelon, and homemade chocolate chip cookies or taste the refreshing lemonade.


And then … here come the ants! Nothing can ruin a relaxing picnic lunch faster than being invaded by ants.


But is there anything you can do to prevent these pests from joining your picnic?  We’ll take a look at some simple steps you can use to prevent ants at your picnic and keep them from ruining the perfect outing.


watermelon juice attracting ants

Ants are drawn to sweet liquids like watermelon juice. Keep your picnic area clean to prevent ants at your picnic.


Covenant Pest Control recommends the following tips to prevent ants at your picnic:


We at Covenant Pest Control understand the frustration of having your picnic plans interrupted by ants.  But having an ant-free picnic often just takes a little bit of thought and preparation ahead of time.  You can arrive at your picnic area with some “tools” to help protect your picnic blanket or table.  Then follow that up with carefully choosing your Boerne Lake picnic site away from prominent areas where ants can be found.


Let’s dive in to some favorite homemade ant control options…


Preparation At Home To Keep Ants Away From Your Picnic


A little prep at home can help create some natural ant deterrents.  Try out several of these options and place them in a spray bottle or shaker to use at your picnic site.


  • Mix a solution of 50/50 water and vinegar and pour into a spray bottle. This spray can be used directly on ants to kill them.


  • Mix1 part lemon juice to 3 parts water and pour into a spray bottle. Wipe down your tablecloth with this solution and spray the ground around your picnic table or blanket. Lemon juice will destroy the ants’ scent trails.


  • Don’t have any lemon juice? Table salt is another natural ant repellent. Add large amounts of ordinary salt to boiling water. Pour into a spray bottle and spray the area to keep ants away.


  • Want a scented option? Cinnamon is another natural ant deterrent. Fill up a shaker and sprinkle some ground cinnamon on the ants’ path. When the ant inhales the cinnamon, it affects their respiration, and they die.


  • Plan on sitting on the ground? Surround your picnic area with talcum powder or chalk. Ants will not crawl over these substances.

family having a picnic with no ants

Enjoy an ant-free picnic when you follow some of our tips on how to prevent ants at your picnic.

Preparation At The Lake To Keeps Ants Away From Your Picnic


Once you arrive at Boerne Lake, a few more precautions will help to alleviate the from joining your picnic.



ant hill in the grass should be avoided when picnicing

Carefully look for signs of ants before you set up your picnic area.

  • Scout out the picnic area. Look for tell-tale signs of ants such as ant hills or trails. Set your picnic up away from these areas.


  • Place your tablecloth or picnic blanket at least 50 ft away from a trash can.


  • If you plan to bring your own table to set up your picnic at Boerne Lake, create a blockade to your table. Place the legs of your picnic table in containers of water. Ant will not cross the water.


  • Keep all your food stored in air-tight containers and kept covered when you’re not eating it.


watermelon with ants on it at picnic

Use a watermelon rind to draw ants away from your picnic area.

  • Set up a decoy to lead ants away from your picnic by placing a sugary food or drink away from your picnic spot. Watermelon rinds or a container of sugar water will work great.


  • Always keep your picnic area clean and wipe up spills immediately.





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Follow these tips, and you can sit back and enjoy your picnic and the serene surroundings of Boerne Lake.


If you’re struggling with ants in your own yard, Covenant Pest Control offers lawn pest control to help eliminate pest like ants and chiggers.  You can use this lawn service as a stand-alone option or add it to regularly schedule integrated pest control.  Call Covenant Pest Control at 830-431-1960 today!