How Do I Prepare My Home for Efficient Pest Control?


As a homeowner you know the headaches a pest infestation can cause. From property damage to health concerns, unwanted pests can be a big problem. You can help to minimize your risk with the following measures.

In fact, according to The Spruce, the most effective pest control plan is a partnership between the pest control professional and the homeowner. Without on-going pest management, pests will continue to be a nuisance.


pest control technician treating along wood floors in Boerne home

Top Recommendations to Prepare your Home against Unwanted Pests


Many of our clients ask, “How do I prepare my house for pest control?”  While preparing for the pest control treatment application is not necessary, making repairs or completing routine maintenance on your home can affect the effectiveness of a treatment.  These 12 recommendations can give homeowners some guidance for their labors.


  1. Install screens on your doors and windows
  2. Use door sweeps on exterior doors
  3. Caulk around your doors and windows
  4. Fill cracks in your foundation and around the exterior of your home
  5. Repair any holes in your walls or along the baseboards
  6. Install wire mesh on dryer vents
  7. Keep your gutters clear of any leaves and debris
  8. Repair leaky plumbing
  9. Seal around all utility openings
  10. Regularly disinfect trash cans and recycling bins
  11. Remove any standing water that will attract bugs including mosquitos
  12. Cut back foliage, trees, and shrubs surrounding your home or business



Working Together to Prepare your Home for the Best Pest Control


technician spraying exterior of Boerne home along deck

Our pest professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your home or business to identify your pest problem and the extent of the infestation.

You can help by letting us know where you’ve seen the most bugs.

We’ll be looking for the point(s) of entry.

Moving all furniture and appliances away from the walls can be helpful, but is not generally necessary. As part of our customized treatment plan, we will not only treat your pest problem, we will provide suggestions as to how to best protect your home from infestation.

Together we can provide the best pest defense.


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