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When is The Best Time To Utilize Pest Control?


Many people ask us, “What’s the best time for pest control?”  Our answer, “Before the bugs take up residence in your home.”

Unfortunately, bugs don’t take a season off.  Year-round pest control is the best way to eliminate bugs in your home. And perimeter insecticide treatments around a home or business are one of the best ways to help prevent unwanted insects from entering a building.

In addition, treating a home in late winter and early spring is the best time to apply pest control preventatively. That’s because insects are still nesting, and pest numbers are low. You can get a head start before pests become more of a nuisance. Pest control treatment is most effective if we spray before insects have a chance to breed and increase in number.

We offer customized pest treatment plans. Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service options are available. And we’ll come to your home and re-treat if a problem persists no matter what the season. Guaranteed.


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What Happens to Bugs in Winter?

According to Farmers’ Almanac, when temperatures reach below 0 degrees, many insects will die. The colder the temperatures, the fewer insects survive. Those that do, survive by burying themselves deep underground or burrowing under tree bark and leaves for protection or they move indoors.


Unfortunately, temperatures in the Texas Hill Country never reach the 0 degrees needed to kill bugs.  So, instead of eliminating bugs, the low winter temperatures simply drive bugs indoors.


Bugs Move Indoors during Winter

Many insects survive the cold winter months by moving indoors. So, if you are wondering if it is necessary to treat for pests in the winter, the answer is Yes. Insects tend to hide in small crevices or go dormant in closets, behind shelving, or other dark cool areas, then reemerge in the Spring to begin their life cycle.

scorpion with baby scorpions on its back

Scorpions Move In during Winter

Scorpions are a common problem in the Texas Hill Country. And with colder temperatures, scorpions look to move indoors to stay warm and dry through the winter months. To make your home less attractive to unwanted pests, WiKiHow recommends the following environmentally friendly solutions:

  • Get a cat. Cats love these tasty morsels.
  • Seal any holes or spaces where scorpions could enter.
  • Fix leaky faucets where moisture collects.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon around entry points. Cinnamon is a natural repellant.


Fleas Survive by Moving Indoors

According to Farmers’ Almanac, fleas are a year-round nuisance. They will die off when outside temperatures reach below 37 degrees, but that temperature needs to be sustained for 10 consecutive days or longer. To survive, fleas move inside making them a year-round problem. Even if they go dormant in cool areas like your closets, they will re-infest once temperatures warm up.


Termites Die in Freezing Temperatures

Termites do not survive when the temperatures reach below freezing. Unfortunately, Boerne winters don’t provide many days below freezing. Our warm temperatures year-round make controlling termites a high priority for homeowners in the Hill Country.  Vigilant termite inspection year-round can help to prevent termite damage to your home.

If these all-natural solutions aren’t working, call the professionals with Covenant Pest Control at 830-431-1960. We’re here to help with both traditional integrated pest control and organic pest control options.

wood destroying insects and termite damage

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