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Whether you need a first-time inspection or need to schedule a particular pest control service,
we’re here for you! Call us and let us know which pests you’re dealing with and we’ll do our best to help you.

Initial Covenant Pest Inspection

When you live in the Texas Hill Country, spiders, scorpions, ants and other pests are a given.  But that doesn’t mean you have to share your home with them.  Covenant Pest Control has service plans and products to meet the needs of all our Boerne and Hill Country neighbors.  Call us to discuss how we can help you get the best result in integrated pest management for your home.


A trained pest control technician will visit with you concerning bug problems in your home.  We’ll inspect your home for breeding areas.  And we’ll locate possible entry points for insects into your home.  Then we’ll recommend the best integrated plan for pest management for your Texas Hill Country home.


In fact, we’ll create a customized pest maintenance plan based on your insect control goals.


Covenant Pest Control will perform our signature, comprehensive inspection which will allow the pest professional to better:

  • Identify pests and any damage or infestation.
  • Evaluate any structural problems and points of entry
  • Create a custom bug treatment plan and bug control program tailored to your needs.



Pest Treatment

At Covenant Pest, we value your time and the safety of your family. With that in mind, we will schedule your appointment when it is most convenient for you and we will only use products that are child and pet friendly.

What do we offer at Covenant Pest Control?

  • Custom control plans design around your family’s needs
  • Quartely, bi-monthly, monthly, and one-time pest control and prevention plans
  • FREE follow up visits if you notice any pests before your next scheduled visit
    (excludes one-time services)
  • Add-on services at a discounted rate.


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We are here to help you from 8am to 5:30pm.    We’re located at 39340 Interstate 10 West, Unit B in Boerne, TX.

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Customized Integrated Pest Management

Our services can be customized by frequency, scope, products and additional services.



Most of our clients find that pest control services performed every-other month or even quarterly provide them with the level of protection they need.  However, some clients may need monthly service if they have an abundance of wildlife around their home or if they choose to use botanical products.  And pest control services in the winter keep pests from taking up residence in your home during cold weather.



You can determine the scope of your pest control treatments.  Do you want to have only the exterior of your home treated?  Do you need additional buildings, like a detached garage or workshop, treated?  We offer treatments that meet your needs and goals.


General Pest Control

Inside:  Targets insects where they travel and nest.  We use a hand-held sprayer to treat along thresholds, corners, baseboards and under furniture.

Outside: We hand-spray along eaves, windows and doorways.  Then we use a solid barrier spray at the base of the house for approximately a 10 ft perimeter.


Expanded Outside Pest Control

Treatment targets the exterior of the home.  We target insects before they enter your home by using a 15-20 ft solid barrier perimeter pesticide spray.  For individuals who prefer not to have chemicals used in their home, this is an excellent option.  In fact, we have customers who have successfully used expanded outside pest control for over 10 years as their only pest control measures.


Organic Pest Control

You get the same treatments as with general pest control, but the products used are Organic, All-natural plant-based oils.


Paired Botanical and General Pest Control

Using the paired pest control method, the treatments inside the home are performed using organic, all-natural botanical products.  The exterior treatments use general pest control products.  This method allows for organics in the home, but the longer residuals on the exterior of the home.

Covenant Best of Boerne Pest Control Magazine

Covenant Pest Control was voted one of the top 3 Best of the Best pest control in Boerne.

All-natural, organic botanical pest control products

Organic botanicals provide a low chemical option for pest control.


General Pesticides

We use only pesticides that are family and pet friendly.  We choose products that are the best at controlling pest populations with the least chemical toxins.  All our products are pesticides and insecticides that we’re comfortable using in our own homes around our own families.  If we wouldn’t use it around our children, we won’t use it around yours.


Organic Botanicals

For those who prefer an entirely organic, all-natural approach, we offer botanic products.  These products are a combination of plant oils that both repel insects and act as a natural insecticide.  In addition, the botanicals will prevent many insects from developing through their life-cycle stages.  There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing organic pest control for your home.

Additional Integrated Pest Control Services:


At Covenant Pest Control, we offer a full line of Integrated Pest Management.  We not only provide general pest control, but also address other specific concerns.


Mosquito Fogging

Additional protection from these blood-letting pests.  Monthly services keep your family free from painful bites and dangerous diseases.


Lawn Pest Control

A full array of law pest control options allows you to target insects in your lawn.  Fire ants, chiggers, fleas, grubs and more can be targeted to keep your lawn looking great and free from pests.


Termite Inspections & Treatments

Unfortunately, the Texas Hill country is prime termite area.  Annual termite inspections and as-needed treatments can keep your home protected from these destructive insects.


Mice & Rat Baiting

Eliminating mice and rats protects your family from diseases and your home from potentially dangerous damage.  As part of your general pest control service, we can keep a rodent bait box stocked with bait.  We can also manage bait boxes as a stand-alone service.


Covenant Pest Control Guarantee

All of our services are backed by our iron-clad guarantee.  When you have a service agreement with Covenant Pest Control, we’ll come back to retreat any pest problems that arise between regularly scheduled services.  Free of Charge.  Guaranteed.


Free Estimates for Pest Control Services

In addition, we provide FREE on-site estimates for all our service plans.  Call us to come out and take a look at your pest problem.  We’ll give you a Free Estimate for the best Integrate Pest Management plan for your home.


Don’t let bugs keep you from enjoying your home and yard.  Contact us today for your Free Estimate. 830-431-1960.

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