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At Covenant Pest Control, we’ve listened to the needs and desires of many of our customers and are excited to offer an all-natural botanical option for pest control.  Using organic ingredients including Thyme Oil, 2-Phenethyl Propionate (found in peanuts) and Rosemary Oil, our chemical-free pest control provides knock-down power and long-lasting residual effects on over 30 pests.  To naturally eliminate spiders, ants, scorpions and more from your home, use Covenant’s Organic Botanical Pest Control.

Covenant’s Organic Pest Control Option

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Kid & Pet Approved

Protecting your family and pets is just as important as protecting your home.  With many of our customers looking for environmentally friendly, non-toxic ways of protecting their home, we answered by providing organic pest control.  These low odor, all-natural botanic pest control products give you peace of mind that you’re caring for your home and your family in the best way possible.


We want you to know exactly what we’re treating your house and lawn with. We use only the best organic products on the market .  And we’re confident you’ll be happy with this all-natural option for nontoxic, eco-friendly, and effective home pest control.


What makes Organic Pest Control from Botanicals Different?

Plant-based, organic pest control products use a combination of plant oils not harsh chemicals to control insects.  These oils work as both an insecticide and an insect repellant.  Bugs that are already in your home are affected when they come in contact with the oils. And those outside the home are repelled and don’t enter the home.


Your home will be treated inside along base boards, windows, and door frames with these chemical-free, organic products.  In addition, the eaves, decks, porches, doors, and perimeter will be hand-sprayed on the exterior of the home.


Regular service with botanical pest control is performed on a monthly or bi-monthly frequency.  The residual effect of these plant oils is less powerful than chemical-based pesticides which means that treating more often may be necessary.


Can Organic Botanical Pest Control and Traditional Pest Control be used together?

Yes, in order to increase the interval between all-natural treatments, Covenant Pest Control offers the option of pairing organics and traditional products for a hybrid approach to integrated pest management.  With this option, Botanical products are used inside the home and traditional pesticides are used as an extended perimeter treatment on the outside of the home.  This method is very effective at protecting your home from unwanted guests while maintaining a chemical-free home interior.


Ready to protect your home and loved ones with the best, all-natural pest control products on the market?  As with all our services, we provide Free Estimates for All-Natural Pest Control services.

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EcoVia™ EC emulsifiable concentrate

Broad-spectrum, 25(b) insecticide made from all natural compounds approved for indoor and outdoor applications. Provides immediate knockdown and long residual control of more than 30 insects with target-specific mode of action.

Active Ingredients:

  • Thyme Oil 20.00%
  • 2-Phenethyl Propionate (found in peanuts) 14.00%
  • Rosemary Oil 8.00%


Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, occasional invaders, spiders, ticks, wasps, hornets, silverfish and 30+ other pests.


Use as an indoor spray for commercial or residential accounts, including daycares, hospitality and agricultural buildings, green houses, sheds and more.  Can be used in sensitive areas with high human traffic and food preparation areas. Use outdoors as a perimeter treatment.


  • FIFRA 25(b) exempt minimum risk pesticide offering fast knockdown with long residual control
  • Broad spectrum control including on and around boat docks
  • Labeled for indoor, outdoor and mosquito control
  • No effect on non-target species

EPA Reg. #FIFRA 25(b) Exempt

All-natural, organic botanical pest control products