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Covenant Pest Control provides exceptional service, family-friendly products, and a complete integrated pest management approach for Leon Springs residents.

Try out our services and you’ll agree, we’re the best in Leon Springs pest control.

Covenant Pest Control Offers Leon Springs the Best in Pest Control

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Scorpions, mosquitos, ants, and other pesky bugs are no match for Covenant Pest Control.  We offer our Leon Springs neighbors top quality pest control at affordable prices.


Why is Covenant Pest Control the best choice in pest control?

  • You’ll receive quality pest control at affordable prices.
  • Family- and pet-friendly pest control products are always used.
  • We’ll design a customized pest treatment plan to meet your individual needs and budget.
  • Our integrated pest management team is fully trained and knowledgeable in pest control.
  • We Guarantee to re-treat if the problem persists between scheduled applications.
  • You’ll receive FREE on-site consultations and estimates.
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service plans are available.
  • Full-Service options include lawn pest control and mosquito fogging, termite control, and rodent control.
  • You can bundle with add-on services for best pricing
  • Service will include the interior and exterior of your home or business.
  • Organic, all-natural products are available upon request.
  • Discounts offered to our military, teachers, and first responders
  • We’re a family-owned and operated, local company.


Covenant Pest Control’s expert technicians would like to talk with you about your pest control needs. We’ll come to your Leon Springs home or business and perform an initial inspection. You’ll tell us about any concerns or goals like using natural pesticide for your Leon Springs home. Then we’ll recommend the most effective solution to your bug and insect problems.


We’ll work with you to design an effective treatment plan to meet your individual needs at an affordable price. There are no hidden fees. Our pricing is based on the size of your home or business, the frequency of your treatment plan, and the scope of your pest control services. Our on-site Estimate is Free.


Covenant Pest Control helps you alleviate an array of pesky bugs and insects. Our products kill, repel, and prevent larva development. Some of the more common bugs treated include scorpions, aphids, fleas, ticks, lice, spiders, and mites. Whatever your bug problem, Covenant Pest Control offers the best pest control services in Leon Springs.


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ecoVia natural pest control





All-Natural Pest Control Available to Leon Springs Residents



Are you dealing with a pest problem but worried about the chemicals found in pesticides?  Covenant Pest Control offers an all-natural pest control treatment for Leon Springs residents.

Do you have small children or pets? All-natural insecticides are a less toxic pest control treatment option and is available upon request.

Wondering if this eco-friendly option is as effective as a general pesticide? The product used by Covenant Pest Control is made of botanically sourced essential oils. Plant-based insecticides have been used for centuries as an effective, natural pest control treatment.

Learn more about All-Natural, Botanical Pest Control in Leon Springs …


Protect Your Family with Mosquito Fogging for Your Leon Springs Yard

Mosquito Misting

Mosquitos are more than a nuisance, they are disease-carrying pests that can harm you and your family.  Although cases of ZIKA or West Nile Virus are not all that common, when they do occur, they can be severe.  In addition, mosquitos are the transmitters of heartworms for our household pets.  However, you can protect your family and pets with mosquito fogging services from Covenant Pest Control for your Leon Springs home.

Mosquito Fogging is professional treatment of your yard using insecticides that both kill the adult mosquitos and prevent development of juvenile mosquitos.

It provides for immediate relief from mosquitos.  Then continues providing relief over time.

Unfortunately, with the short life cycle of mosquitos and the long Texas mosquito season, monthly treatments are needed to effectively keep mosquitos at bay for the long haul.

When you enlist the mosquito fogging services of Covenant Pest Control for your Leon Springs, Fair Oaks Ranch or Texas Hill Country home, we provide you with a guarantee.  If you have additional mosquito problems between the monthly services, we’ll come back to retreat.  Free of Charge.

Give our friendly professionals a call to schedule a Free Mosquito Fogging Estimate for your Leon Springs home.  830-431-1960

Does Your Leon Springs Yard Need Pest Control?

fire ant mound - boerne yard pest control

Covenant Pest Control offers customized treatment plans to target the specific pest in your yard.  Read More about Lawn Pest Control…

  • Fire ants
  • Grubs
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Chiggers
  • and more

Call Covenant Pest Control today at 830-431-1960 to schedule a Free Estimate.

Termite Inspections & Treatments

subterranean termites merit inspection and treatment

Don’t let termites destroy your home.  If you are concerned you might have an infestation, give our experts a call.  We offer inspections completed by licensed pest management experts.  And we provide a full line of treatment options.

Call us at 830-431-1960 to schedule an inspection.

You can also read more about our full termite services.



Don’t let Mice take over Your Leon Springs Home – Use Bait Boxes

mice in attic need bait box control

Do you think of mice as a problem for country folk?  And rats as living only in the sewers of big cities like New York?  Well, unfortunately, mice and rats don’t follow those rules.  Any home anywhere can become infested with mice and rats.

Having available food sources is often an initial attraction for these rodents.  However, once they move in, they may scavenge far and wide, but still come back home during the day.

If you are experiencing a problem with these small rodents, the best mice control is a bait box.  These boxes can only be accessed by small animals like rodents.  This helps to protect pets and inquisitive children from accidentally being poisoned.

In addition, once the rodents eat the bait, they travel away from your home looking for a water source.  This way you won’t have a stench in your home from a mouse that dies inside the walls.

Covenant Pest Control provides mice bait boxes for a minimal fee.  Then we maintain these boxes along with your regular pest control services.  However, if you need the bait boxes as a stand-alone service, we can provide you with an estimate for that as well.

Contact us today to set up your Free Estimate or to add bait boxes to your regular service. 830-431-1960 or use our online contact form.

Leon Springs, Texas joins country with city

The small unincorporated community of Leon Springs, Texas was settled in the mid-nineteenth century by German immigrants, notably Max Aue. The Aue Stagecoach Inn, founded by its namesake, is famous as the first stop on the stagecoach route between San Antonio and San Diego. This Bexar County community has only a couple of hundred residents. It sits on the outskirts of San Antonio, 19 miles northwest of downtown.

Leon Springs residents love to stop in at Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q. The restaurant chain was created by a descendant of the original town founder, Max Aue. If you’re looking for “real” Texas Bar-B-Q, Rudy’s is the place for friendly service and mouth-watering Bar-B-Q.

Leon Springs folks like to visit neighboring cities for some fun and excitement. Only 6.3 miles away is Six Flags Fiesta Texas. A great day trip for endless options of fun. And for shopping enthusiasts, The Shops at La Cantera offer an array of unique shops. With numerous eateries sure to please any appetite.

Although close to city life, Leon Springs, TX is still far enough on the outskirts of San Antonio to be in the country. And with country life comes bugs. Scorpions, spiders, and other pesky bugs are part of life. If you need help with a bug problem, call your neighbors at Covenant Pest Control. Whether you live in the city or the country, we have the solution. Call 830-431-1960 today.



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