Ground beetles can grow a little over half an inch long. It is nearly all black with some dark reddish-brown coloring on antennae and legs. Many grooves run lengthwise down the beetle’s wings.

Ground beetles live under leaves, old logs, and stones. They can be found in moist woods, fields, and gardens. They are usually searching for prey, which includes caterpillars, grubs, other species of beetles, fly maggots and pupae, aphids, weevils, earthworms, slugs, snails and other soft-bodied creatures.

Ground beetles will sometimes climb trees, shrubs, or other plants looking for prey. They do not fly.  Predators of ground beetles are the same as those of other beetles, including toads, small snakes, shrews, and birds.

Common Black Ground Beetles breed in late Summer. The female lays eggs just below the soil surface. Larvae hatch and spend the Winter in the soil.  In early Spring the larvae begin feeding and then turn into pupae (resting stage). They come out as adult beetles in the Summer.  Some adults overwinter as well.


Black with reddish antennae
: 6
Long, oval
1/8″ – 1 ¼”
Found throughout U.S.