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Dominion residents should have pest control they can count on.  Covenant Pest Control provides it.

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Pest Control FAQs for Residents in The Dominion at San Antonio

Covenant FamilyWhen our friends and neighbors in the Dominion, San Antonio have questions about pest control, they count on Covenant Pest Control for the answers. We’re a family-owned company that provides the best pest control service plans in the Dominion.


Our expert pest management team offers answers to the following common questions:


What is the difference between exterminators and pest control services?

The goal of both exterminators and pest control services is to rid your home or business of unwanted pests. The difference is in how they go about getting the job done. Exterminators simply treat your home or business by spraying strong chemically based pesticides on-site to kill bugs and insects. Pest control services treat your home or business with more environmentally friendly products. In addition, pest control technicians look for reasons why pests have become a problem in the first place. We tailor a treatment plan to address these issues. And we provide long-term solutions to deter future infestation.


Why is Covenant Pest Control the best company to provide  pest control services for my Dominion residence?

Covenant Pest Control will work with you to fully customize an integrated pest management treatment plan that meets your individual needs.  And we listen to our customers. After an initial inspection of your Dominion home or business, our professional technicians will discuss your goals and concerns.  Then we’ll recommend the best method for effective control of your unwanted pests.


What bugs, insects, and other pests does Covenant Pest Control treat?

Our pest management technicians can treat an array of bugs and insects on the interior and exterior of your Dominion home or business. Mosquitos, scorpions, and ants are the most reported nuisances. Other common pests include fleas, pillbugs, cockroaches, sugar ants, silverfish, spiders, rats, and mice.

Covenant Pest Control offers yard pest control treatments, mosquito fogging, termite control, and rodent pest control.


What pest control products are the most effective?

Covenant Pest Control uses the most effective, family-friendly pest control products on the market. We also offer an organic, environmentally friendly option upon request. You’ll see immediate results after treatments. All-natural, organic products may take a little longer but are as effective as general pesticides in getting rid of pesky bugs.

All our products are family-and pet-friendly. Most residents are not affected by the products we use.  However, those who are extra sensitive to odors from chemicals or essential oils may choose to step out of their home for a short while during or after a treatment.


How often are pest control treatments needed for my home or business in the Dominion?

How often you need to treat your home or business will depend on the extent of your bug problem and your goals.  Covenant Pest Control offers pest management services monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. Areas with higher moisture and warmer temperatures may need to be treated more often.

With all our treatments WE GUARANTEE re-treatment at no cost to you if your problem persists between scheduled treatments.


How much does pest control treatment cost in the Dominion, San Antonio?

The cost of pest control treatment is based on the square footage of your home or business, the frequency of treatments, and the scope of your pest control services. A member of our knowledgeable pest services team will meet with you and discuss the full scope of our pest control services. We also support our military, teachers, and first responders with a service discount.

For answers to additional questions and more, give Covenant Pest Control a call at 830-431-1960. We give FREE on-site consultations and estimates to all our friends and neighbors in the Dominion of San Antonio and Leon Springs.


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ecoVia natural pest control


Organic, Botanical Pest Control in the Dominion of San Antonio



The Dominion of San Antonio residents who are looking for an eco-friendly option in pest control can find the solution right here. Covenant Pest Control offers an all-natural, botanical insecticide to our friends and neighbors in the Dominion.

Plant-based essential oils offer a low-impact, environmentally friendly option in pest control treatment. Covenant Pest Control uses a product formulated with a mixture of thyme oil, rosemary oil, and 2-phenethyl propionate with effective results. Whether your pest problem is inside or outside your home or business, all-natural, organic treatments will rid your property of unwanted pests. Read more about Organic Botanical Pest Control in the Dominion of San Antonio …


Mosquito Fogging Allows You to Enjoy Your Yard in the Dominion

Mosquito Misting

You live in the beautiful Dominion neighborhood of San Antonio.  You don’t want to be a prisoner in your own home.  Mosquito fogging comes to your rescue.

Mosquito fogging is a process of professional technicians treating, or fogging, your yard with a family-friendly insecticide.  This product immediately eliminates the adult mosquitos, including the females that bite.  Then it prevents juvenile mosquitos from continuing to develop.  So, no new biting adults!

Because mosquitos have a short life cycle, mosquito fogging needs to be performed monthly during the mosquito season to maintain a mosquito-free yard.

In addition to fogging, our professional pest management technicians will look for areas that may attract mosquitos.  We’ll make recommendations for reducing the mosquito breeding grounds in your yard.

Working together, we can eliminate these flying intruders and help you enjoy the yard that you work hard to own.  Give us a call for a Free Mosquito Fogging Estimate for your home in the Dominion of San Antonio.  830-431-1960

Does Your Dominion Yard Need Pest Control?

fire ant mound - boerne yard pest control



Covenant Pest Control offers customized treatment plans to target the specific pest in your yard.  Read More about Lawn Pest Control…

  • fire ants
  • fleas
  • ticks
  • chiggers
  • grubs
  • and more

Call Covenant Pest Control today at 830-431-1960 to schedule a Free Estimate.

Termite Inspections & Treatments

subterranean termites merit inspection and treatment

Don’t let termites destroy your home.  If you are concerned you might have an infestation, give our experts a call.  We offer inspections completed by licensed pest management experts.  And we provide a full line of treatment options.

Call us at 830-431-1960 to schedule an inspection.

You can also read more about our full termite services.



Eliminate Mice from Your Home in The Dominion of San Antonio

mice in attic need bait box control

If you have a problem with mice in your home, workshop, or garage, it may feel inhumane to bait and kill these rodents.  After all, some of them are cute.  But mice elimination isn’t an option.

Mice that are trapped and relocated will return to their former home.  Even from many miles away.  The only way to get rid of these pests is to eradicate them.

Mice and rats carry dangerous diseases.  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonellosis, and many more.

In addition, mice and rats can be destructive to your home and property.  They can eat through electrical wires causing expensive damage or even fires.  They can nest in car engines and chew their way through tubing and wires.

Without a doubt, even animal-lovers will want to quickly eliminate mice and rats from their property.

Covenant Pest Control offers bait boxes to help depose mice and rats in the most humane way possible.  Once a customer purchases the bait boxes, we maintain them as part of the regular pest control service.

Give us a call today if you’ve seen or heard mice on your property.  830-431-1960.

Welcome to the Premier Community of the Dominion, San Antonio TX


The Dominion of San Antonio, Texas is one of the most sought after communities in the area. This upscale neighborhood sits on 1,500 acres on the northwest side of San Antonio. Sights and sounds are abundant in San Antonio.

Here are a few of the many see and do attractions:

Six Flags Fiesta Park offers fun and thrills for the whole family. And for a unique adventure, explore the natural wonders of Natural Bridge Caverns. Or enjoy a stroll on the world-famous San Antonio River Walk. A beautiful walk along the river lined with the best in dining and shopping. And who can visit San Antonio without a stop at The Alamo? A historic 18th-century Spanish mission and fortress. The Alamo is famous as the site of the Texas war for independence from Mexico.

Residents of the master-planned community of the Dominion live just on the outskirts of San Antonio. Living in the country, Dominions experience common bugs like scorpions, spiders, mosquitoes, and other country pests. Covenant Pest Control will work with you on a personalized pest management masterplan for your home and property. Fill out our online contact us form or call us at 830-431-1960 today to speak with one of our professional pest control technicians.



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