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At Covenant Pest Control we provide Comfort, TX residents with exceptional service, the best in pest control products, and a full line up of pest management options. 

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Comfort Can Count on Covenant Pest Control For Peace Of Mind

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Looking for a company to provide you with the best pest control? Comfort customers can count on Covenant Pest Control. We give all home and business owners a fully customized pest treatment plan to meet your individual needs and budget. You can trust Covenant Pest Control for peace of mind. We provide a top-notch service at affordable prices.


Customized Pest Control Treatment Plans

Our professional pest control technicians will come to your Comfort home or business to discuss your pest control problems. We’ll design a tailored treatment plan just for you. And offer long-term solutions to keep unwanted pests at bay. Our initial consultation and estimate are FREE.  And we GUARANTEE re-treatment at no cost if your pest problem persists between scheduled treatments. Customer satisfaction is a priority of ours. Just ask your Comfort neighbors.


Full Scope Pest Control Services

Covenant Pest Control offers the following pest control services:


We treat for an array of unwanted pests including roaches, sugar ants, silverfish, spiders, scorpions,  and more. We also offer and maintain exterior bait stations to control mice and rats.


The Most Effective Pest Control Products

Our expert pest control team is knowledgeable and experienced. We use the most effective pesticides on the market to rid your home or business of unwanted pests. And for an even more environmentally friendly pest control option, all-natural, organic products are available upon request. But rest assured, all our products are family- and pet-friendly.


Year-Round Pest Control

You can call Covenant Pest Control any time of the year.  But Spring is the best time to apply pest control while insects are still nesting. We can ward off unwanted pests before they become more of a nuisance. Spraying in Summer and Fall also helps to prevent additional batches of bugs from becoming a problem. Comfort home and business owners can schedule treatments monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Your individualized plan will depend on your needs, budget, and the extent of the infestation.


Affordable Treatment Plans

Covenant Pest Control works with you to design an affordable integrate pest management plan. We base our pricing on:

  • Square footage of your Comfort home or business
  • Frequency of pest treatment plan
  • Scope of pest control services


Whether your home or business needs treatment inside and outside, on the outside perimeter only, home and yard, or additional buildings, Covenant Pest Control has you covered.


Add On Services

Get the best pricing when bundling add-on services:

  • Flea and tick control for your yard
  • Fire ant control
  • Mosquito control


Discounts are available for our military, teachers, and first responders.


CALL COVENANT PEST CONTROL AT 830-431-1960 to schedule your FREE ON-SITE inspection and consultation today.  Or use our online form to contact us.



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ecoVia natural pest control





Comfort Residents Enjoy All-Natural, Organic Pest



Are you looking for an all-natural, organic alternative to traditional pest control treatments? Do you want an environmentally friendly product? As well as a family- and pet-friendly one? Covenant Pest control offers all-natural pest control treatments to Comfort residents.

We use a mixture of essential oils proven to be effective in managing unwanted pests.  These products can be used inside and outside your home or business. You can feel confident the product is not only eco-friendly but will get the job done right. Find out more about All-Natural Botanical Pest Control for Comfort residents …


Find Comfort with Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito Misting

While you may live in Comfort, there’s nothing comfortable about getting bit by mosquitos.  But Covenant Pest Control can help you enjoy the comforts of outdoor life again with mosquito fogging service.

Mosquito fogging is a monthly process in which a technician will treat your yard with a fast-acting insecticide.  This provides for an immediate knock-down of adult mosquitos and relief from these pesky blood-letting pests.  Also, the product has a long-lasting residual effect that prevents the development of juvenile mosquitos.  So, they never become biting adults.

Because of the short life cycle of mosquitos, treatments will need to be performed monthly to keep mosquitos at bay continually.

However, if you have a single outdoor event in a location you don’t typically use, you may just want a one-off treatment to prepare for your outdoor event.  We can do that too.

To learn more about mosquito fogging for your Comfort yard, give the friendly professionals at Covenant Pest Control a call.  We’ll come take a look and provide you with a Free Up-front Estimate.  830-431-1960

Does Your Comfort Yard Need Pest Control?

fire ant mound - boerne yard pest control



Surrounded by the beauty of Cypress Creek and the Guadalupe River, Comfort residents enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. Unfortunately, pesky bugs and insects enjoy it, too. But don’t worry. Covenant Pest Control offers premium lawn services to take care of unwanted pests.

Our highly trained technicians will provide a free yard inspection and lawn treatment plan. You will once again be able to enjoy a worry-free gathering of family and friends in the peaceful surroundings of your own backyard. You can depend on Covenant Pest Control to design a lawn pest control plan to meet your needs and budget.

Learn more about our Lawn Pest Control Services

Call Covenant Pest Control today at 830-431-1960 to schedule a Free Estimate.

Comfort Residents Can Stop Termite Damage

subterranean termites merit inspection and treatment

Have you noticed insects swarming around your Comfort home or business? Are you wondering what’s causing the raised dirt or mud tubes on the surface of your foundation or siding? Are you finding a saw dust substance on your windowsills? These are all common signs of termite infestation.

Termites are the most destructive insect found in homes in the U.S. 

However, you can stop the damage and safeguard your home or business. Our termite experts at Covenant Pest Control provide a free initial termite inspection.  Then, we customize a treatment plan that’s within your budget. Plans can include termite treatment, control, and prevention.  And each termite treatment comes with a warranty you can count on.

You can also read more about our full termite services.

Call us at 830-431-1960 to schedule an inspection.




Comfort Mice Baiting and Control

mice in attic need bait box control

Once you’ve seen the damage a mouse can do to your Comfort home or car, you’ll understand the importance of acting quickly to eradicate these rodents from your property.

Mice are prolific breeders and can quickly expand their colonies.  One cute little mouse, won’t be just one for very long.

When you see or hear mice and rats around your home or property, we can help you to eliminate them.

The bait boxes we use at Covenant Pest Control are designed to allow only rodent-sized animals to enter.  Using these boxes, will help to ensure your pets won’t be hurt in your attempt to remove rodents.  In addition, once you purchase the bait boxes, we’ll continue to maintain them as part of your home pest control service.

Furthermore, we offer the bait boxes as a stand-alone service for barns, garages, or other building that may not need general pest control.

Call us today if you need an estimate for stand-alone mice baiting for your Comfort home. Or call if you need to add bait boxes to an integrated pest control plan.  We’ll provide you with a Free Estimate. 830-431-1960.

Comfort, Texas welcomes history buffs


Comfort, Texas is a small, unincorporated town in Kendall County. It’s located on the North side of Cypress Creek where it flows into the Guadalupe River. Comfort is only 3.2 square miles including the river.  Comfort may be small, but it is big on history.

The business district in downtown Comfort is one of the most well-preserved areas in Texas. It boasts 100 structures dating back to the 19th century. History buffs will want to see the Treue Der Union Monument. This monument is one of the oldest civil war monuments in Texas. It’s inscribed with the names of thirty-six men, mostly German immigrants who died in the Battle of the Neuces in 1862.

Another historic Texas landmark is the Hygieostatic Bat Roost erected in 1918. Of the original sixteen bat roosts in the United States, there are now only three and Comfort’s is the oldest. Bat Roosts were erected as a natural way to combat mosquitoes and lessen the risk of malaria.

Unfortunately, we still have mosquitoes in Comfort, but Covenant Pest Control uses a more modern approach to pest control. We offer all-natural botanicals and mosquito fogging to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes and other pests. Call Covenant Pest Control at 830-431-1960 to schedule a free consultation. Let us create a customized treatment plan for your Comfort home.  We also provide pest control services in Boerne, The Dominion and more.



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