5 Ways Texans Can Host a Fall Deck Party 


Fall is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors with friends.  What better way to do that than to host a fall deck party in your backyard. Let the colorful surroundings and crisp, cool air provide the backdrop for a festive gathering with family and friends.


Whether you are looking to host a small, cozy gathering or a fall party for your youngsters, Covenant Pest Control offers 5 fun, fall-inspired party ideas to entertain on your deck this season.



1. Enjoy the Sunset with Hot Cider and Apple Cider Cream Pie

mug of cold apple cider

Cold Apple Cider allows you to enjoy the pleasures of fall even when Boerne weather doesn’t cool off soon enough.

A get-together doesn’t have to be a big affair. Make it simple. Decorate with a few potted mums, pumpkins, and soft-glow lighting. Add in a couple autumn-colored pillows and some warm throw blankets. Enjoy the moment amid conversations with family and friends. Sip on hot cider and taste the sweet goodness of Apple Cider Cream Pie. Just sit back, relax, and watch the sun go down. It’s a great end to a long day at work.


Tip: For a truly Texas flair to your party, or if it’s simply too warm for hot apple cider, try your apple cider cold.  You’ll get to enjoy the taste and scents of the season even when the Boerne weather isn’t ready to turn cold yet.





2.  Warm up Friends and Neighbors with a Hot Cocoa Bar

As cooler evenings arrive, warm up with some hot cocoa. What better way to welcome the season with friends and neighbors than by setting up a hot cocoa bar? Put the kettle on for hot water. Drape a table with an autumn inspired tablecloth. Decorate with fall leaves, gourds, a vase of goldenrod and sunflowers. Display packets of cocoa mix in a straw basket. Fill up mason jars with marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and chocolate chips. Offer whipped cream and flavored syrup. Young and old won’t be able to resist.

3.  Celebrate the Season with Homemade Soup and Dessert

Nothing says fall like a pot of homemade soup. You can smell the deliciousness of homemade potato soup or Texas chili. How about some warm cornbread? And for dessert – apple or pumpkin pie! You can just smell the cinnamon and nutmeg. Or invite your guests to bring along their favorite pie to share. For a casual, relaxed vibe, string some lights on your pergola. Add candles or lanterns and a fall flower arrangement to your table. Decorate with apples, pears, and small pumpkins from the Pipe Creek Pumpkin Patch or another local Boerne pumpkin patch. And Bon appétit! You’ve got yourself a fall deck party.


rows of pumpkins on haybales

Pipe Creek Pumpkin Patch has pumpkins for decorating for a fall deck party.


4.  Outdoor Movie Night Deck Party!

Host a movie night for the teen crowd and let them party on the deck. Cover hay bales with brown, orange, or red blankets for a cozy feel. After the movie, invite everyone to gather around the fire pit and make s’mores. Who can resist that gooey goodness!  Fill wicker baskets with graham crackers, marshmallows, and of course, chocolate bars. Create a fun and cozy atmosphere by stringing glowing orange lighting. Add a photo a shoot area with movie themed décor for a way to make the memories last for years. Your teens will be talking about this movie night for weeks!



sandwich cut into the shape of a turkey with a face to use in a children's a fall deck party

image credit artscrackers.com

5. Fall Deck Party for the Kiddos!

Invite the neighborhood kids to a Fall Fling on your deck. The Kiddos get to have fun and the mess stays outside.  Deck out your deck with garland paper pumpkins, fabric fall leaves and giant paper acorns. Fill a galvanized bucket with sweet treats. And let the games begin!

Decorating fall themed sugar cookies, eating turkey shaped sandwiches, and having a treasure hunt complete with hidden clues will create an air of excitement. And caramel apples or pretzel turkeys, are sure to please. The cuter, the better!




Pest Control Services For Your Deck


Fall is a great time to host a party on your deck. And it is the perfect time to apply mosquito fogging and yard pest control. Mosquitos are still active in Texas until late November. Grubs and fire ants are on the move. Grubs will eat the roots of your grass causing your grass to turn brown and die. Fire ants have begun foraging for food to store for the winter months. Protect you family and pets. Call Covenant Pest Control at 830-431-1960 to schedule your fall yard pest control and mosquito fogging today!