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At Covenant Pest Control we make it our aim to provide you with the best pest control services and options available in Boerne, TX.

We believe you’ll agree once you try out our services for yourself.

Covenant Pest Control: A Top Choice in Boerne’s Best of the Best Awards

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If you’re looking for the best pest control company in Boerne, Texas, call your neighbors at Covenant Pest Control. We’ve been voted a top choice in Boerne’s Best of the Best Awards every year we’ve been in business. All because we provide effective pest management for your Boerne home or business at affordable prices.

Our professional pest control technicians will meet with you to discuss your pest control problems. They’ll then customize the best pest defense plan to take care of unwanted pests in your home or business.

We use only the most family-friendly insecticides on the market. And you can count on us to help find solutions to manage your unwanted pests.

When you begin a pest control treatment plan, you may have questions. Like…


How often will my Boerne home or business require treatment?

Covenant Pest Control offers customized treatment plans.  Most customers implement monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service.

The frequency of your individualized plan will depend on the extent of the infestation. It can also be influenced by temperature and moisture levels around your home or business.

With every service plan, if a pest problem persists between scheduled treatments, our technicians will come to your home or business and re-treat at no cost to you.  It’s our GUARANTEE. Your satisfaction is important to us.


Will I need to leave my home during pest treatments?

It’s not necessary to leave your Boerne home or business while treatment is being applied.  We use the most family- and pet-friendly products on the market.  However, some people may be sensitive to chemicals or odors of insecticides or botanical products. In this case, leaving the house for a short while during and after treatment may be beneficial.

All-natural, organic products are available upon request.  These products use plant-based oils to fend off pests.


How quickly do pest control products work?

Active ingredients in our pesticide products are made to kill, repel, and prevent larva development. You’ll see immediate results after spraying. Any lingering insects will die shortly after.

Botanical products take a bit longer to work.  And often have to be reapplied more often than traditional pesticides.  But they can be used just as effectively as chemical-based products.

Our goal is to rid your home and business of unwanted pests. And to help you manage the problem long-term.


How much does pest control cost in Boerne, TX?

Covenant Pest Control offers affordable pest control services.  We visit your home, discuss your pest control goals, and create a customized plan.  These visits and our ESTIMATES are completely FREE.

In general, our pest control services aren’t a one-size fits all.

Pricing is based on the size of your home or business, frequency of treatments, and the scope of pest control services.  We offer yard and mosquito control, termite control, and rodent pest control. We can treat inside and outside your home or business, outside perimeter only, and additional buildings. In addition, you can bundle pest control services for the best pricing. And we offer discounts for military, teachers, and first-responders.


What can I do to get the best results from a pest control plan?

  • Let us know where you’ve noticed the most bugs
  • Move furniture away from walls for more effective spraying
  • Use door and window screens
  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors
  • Caulk around doors and windows
  • Fill cracks in the exterior of your home
  • Repair leaky plumbing and seal around all utility openings
  • Install wire mesh on dryer vents
  • Clear your gutters of leaves and debris
  • Regularly disinfect trash cans and recycling bins
  • Rake back foliage and cut back trees and shrubs around your home or business


Join your Boerne, Comfort and Leon Springs neighbors and choose Covenant Pest Control to treat and manage your pest control problem. We’re locally owned and dispatch out of our office at 39340 Interstate 10 West, Unit B in Boerne, TX. Give us a call at 830-431-1960 to schedule your FREE ON-SITE CONSULTATION.



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ecoVia natural pest control





Botanical Pest Control Options for Boerne Residents



Are you looking for an all-natural, organic option for taking care of your bug problem?  Do you prefer to keep the chemical load in your home as low as possible?  All-natural botanical products used by Covenant Pest Control can meet those needs.  We use a low-odor organic product for the most eco-friendly pest management options.  Read More about All-Natural Botanical Pest Control…


Enjoy Your Yard Again – Boerne Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito Misting

There’s nothing like a swarm of mosquitos to ruin a peaceful evening on your deck.  When these blood-letting pests come to your party, it’s not a pleasant addition.  But mosquito fogging can help you regain control of your Boerne yard again.

Mosquito fogging is performed by our trained professional pest management technicians.  We use a back-pack sprayer to target problem areas in your yard with effective, family-friendly products.  These products alleviate adult mosquitos and interrupt the developmental cycle of the larva.

So, you get immediate relief and residual protection.

If you’re ready to take back your Boerne yard, give Covenant Pest Control a call to schedule your Free Mosquito Fogging Estimate.  Or use our online form to request an appointment.


Have a Boerne Yard that Needs Pest Control?

fire ant mound - boerne yard pest control

Need a solution to your fire ant problem?  Have rodents digging up your lawn?  Want a yard where you can feel comfortable sitting on the ground to play a game with your children or grandchildren?  Lawn Pest Control Treatments can help you achieve all these and more.


Covenant Pest Control offers customized treatment plans that target your specific inspect concerns.   We use products and follow procedures to ensure your bug problems are taken care of efficiently.


And if you need us to return before the next scheduled treatment, we do so free of charge.  We promise the best, most reliable services in Yard Pest Control.  Read More about Lawn Pest Control…

Call Covenant Pest Control today at 830-431-1960.

Don’t let termites eat you out of house and home.

subterranean termites merit inspection and treatment

Termites can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners.  And with reason.  These tiny pests are incredibly destructive and prevalent in Boerne.

Did you know that almost all the buildings in downtown Boerne have been treated for termite infestations?  And Covenant Pest Control has treated hundreds of homes that have also been attacked by termites.

If you’re concerned about termites in your Boerne home or business, give us a call at 830-431-1960 to schedule an inspection.

You can also read more about our full termite services.



Boerne Mice Baiting and Control

mice in attic need bait box control

Living in the city of Boerne isn’t a guarantee you won’t have mice invade your home.  Unfortunately, when you have an empty field behind your house or across the street, your home can become a prime target for field mice and rats.

Covenant Pest Control can help.  We have bait boxes that can be purchased to bait these critters and drive them away from your home.  We set up the bait box in strategic locations around your home.  Then we maintain the bait boxes for you as part of your general pest control service in Boerne.

Mice and rats can be dangerous and carry diseases.  Don’t wait until the unthinkable happens.  Get rid of mice and rats before they take over.  Call Covenant Pest Control today at 830-431-1960 for your bait boxes.

Nature lovers’ paradise in Boerne, Texas


For nature lovers everywhere, Boerne, Texas is known for its many parks and trails. Notably, River Road Park which is listed as the #1 attraction in Boerne. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views and abundant waterfowl while taking a leisurely stroll in the park. Cibolo Nature Center is another nature gem boasting 100 acres of wetlands and prairies. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day as you marvel at the cypress trees along the creek. You can even find a dinosaur track or two. And on Saturdays, Cibolo hosts a Farmer’s Market at Herff Farm offering local and handmade products. If you love kayaking, swimming, hiking, or wildlife watching, Boerne offers many picturesque nature areas to take in the great outdoors.

For avid explorers, Boerne is home to two of the seven caves in Texas open to the public. Cascade Caverns and Cave Without a Name offer a truly unique experience. And for horse lovers, Sister Creek Ranch is a charming and rustic setting to ride the many trails. Enjoy lunch while you’re there, too.

Boerne is a rapidly developing city in Kendall County. According to the 2019 census the estimated population was 18,232. In fact, the owners and employees of Covenant Pest Control call Boerne, Texas our home. To our hometown friends and neighbors, we offer pest, termite, and lawn services. So, if you need pest control services, give us a call at 830-431-1960. We’ll will treat you like part of our Boerne family because you are.



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